"Where the arts are driven with purpose and intellectual integrity...to what end!?"


BLACK TENT PRODUCTIONS has long since been a vision, more than a dream to me. It something that I just don't just want to do. It is what I believe in with all my being. BLACK TENT PRODUCTIONS or BTP is conceived on the notion of 'ARTISTIC INTEGRITY'  where artists and their art hold themselves accountable for those thoughts, ideas and questions that we provoke and inspire in others through our art.  We as artists see all that is good and all that is wrong with the world and man and we have the audacity  to dare to engage it unapologetically with no sense or remorse or regret. It is what we do. It is what and who we are. Our art defines us and the world as we would envision it. We just don't see the world, we dream it into being in thoughts and words, in vision and song, we come to express the human potential in our art.  We are  a dream machine.


A few years back, Andrea Salisbury (Andy) , Kenny Johnson, Daniel Mollencamp  and myself began with HAUNTS & MINDSCAPES working to produce it and bring it to see the light of the stage.   It is one of many plays that I have written and one that I have long hoped to put on, but life got in the way.  But Andy, Kenny, David and myself began the journey then, and even though it didn't come full circle and make to the stage they are still very much the backbone of BTP.  We each know that BLACK TENT PRODUCTIONS will one day come to be a well versed theatre dreaming machine where we hope to give new artists the opportunity to put on new works that mean something and raises questions and thoughts that will challenge the audience in their own sensibilities of humanity.   


Now it is 2016 and Rufus Point, Daniel Mollencamp are leading the charge, our goal is to finally bring HAUNTS & MINDSCAPES to the light of stage in March.  So it is a new year and time to make things happen no matter what life throws our way.


Gavion E. Chandler~


"Man is his own devil'


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