Envisioning BLACK TENT PRODUCTIONS, what I hope and wish it to become  has been a long twisting road of events.  We have had our ups and downs, and getting it going, the interest in the project is not that problem.It's keeping it going.

This past January BTP put on a diorama display to help promote and create awareness of our artistic endeavor to create an artistic community where we can collaborate and create art that has purpose and thought of social consciousness.

The diorama display presented three plays that BTP is looking to produce in the near future. 'CIGARETTE BURN', 'STRANGERS' and 'HAUNTS & MINDSCAPES'

Each of the plays are 'Conceptual Theatre Art', plays that are based on the premise on a question of human possibilities and impossibilities.



Let us begin with 'CIGARETTE BURN'.  The most difficult task and duty of a director is to keep the actors and the art fresh.  Unlike shooting a movie script, you do one scene and you go onto the next, until the project is done and then you edit it and you get your finished product.  In theatre the play can go on a run for three weeks or even four, and the actors and their character tell the same story to the audience over and over again. But end of the run the actors hold a contempt for their character and even the script because it doesn't change.   Now just imagine if it's a Broadway Show like 'CATS' or 'PHANTOM OF THE OPERA' where it is an ongoing show.  It's great that you got the part, now you have find new depths in the character, and it can get real old real quick.  


In the world of the 'World-stage and the realities of the players'  human questions are being asked and placed upon them or even demanded, but the end is always the same. The character and all his or her flaws rehashed over and over again.   This for all intent and purpose would be a personal hell for anybody.   Now imagine the players could voice their angst and frustrations at the audience, who are the object of their scorn, knowing that they are damned to ever endure their human trials. This is 'CIGARETTE BURN' where Man who has no name raises to an unapologetic point that they, (the audience) are the emotional and physical cigarette burns that he and his fellow players are to ever endure, and yet they (the audience) never really learn.  


Then we have 'STRANGERS' where hopes and fears are put to question as sisterhood of Sorrow, Pain, Time and Death come to be embraced in their own understanding as Frank, Ester's patron and keeper tends to her in his own needs, and Stranger, Herald who brings are a simple seed of hope that does not come without a price and it is personal indeed.


Lastly we have 'HAUNTS & MINDSCAPES'  that revolves around stations of a table and two chairs and some odds of ends of elements that puts to question perceptions of reality and how our understanding of it defines us and it within those limitations and expectations that we come to place upon it.  

Originally we were looking to 'HAUNTS & MINDSCAPES' but time is running short, so we are looking to do 'THE PROBLEM WITH GOD' on March 20th 2016. So we are looking for two male actors and one female to play the devil. Yes I made the devil a woman, because what's the first thing a guy blames when something goes aray, a woman or as old Jimmy Buffette sings it in 'Margaritaville' There's always a woman to blame'

So if the project intrigues you and you wish to be part of it, please contact us at BLACKTENTPRODUCTIONS.ORG

                                                                                 Gavion E. Chandler~ 

                                                                               'Man is his devil.'





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