Being a playwright and an artist who engages in various mediums, at times I can find it to be a bit frustrating at times. With that thought of 'What do I want to work on next and what should I focus on now?' rattling around in my brain, thinking about those five or six projects brewing in the back of my skull, I often find myself jumping from one thought of one project to another to another with no rhyme or reason.

I am constantly working art in my brain as I try to work and live in a world where necessities of life makes their demands upon my person, but I am constantly fanning those embers of creativity whenever and where ever I get the chance.

Over the past years I have been working on BLACK TENT PRODUCTIONS striving to get HAUNTS & MINDSCAPES and now THE PROBLEM WITH GOD and as well as other plays as I often found myself faced with a string of challenges. Theatre is the collective effort of the many to bring a vision of voice, sight and sound to life where many persons of different talents coordinate their efforts to be the sum of the whole. As a playwright and newbie director, the idea and the vision of the play is easy enough to envision in my brain but to get the steam engine on track and keep it on track as rolls along to that point of destination where it will come to see full vision is another tale to tell.

I know what I want to accomplish, and what I want to create, but the question is “How to make it all happen?” You have to get the people who wish and want to act and to engage ideas and questions that makes one question one's own purpose and meaning of being 'Human'... especially in my plays. You have to find a space to create the art. You have to find a means to finance the project, to get the material and supplies, all the make up, costumes, music, and so much more.

It has been a struggle, but recently I have encountered persons of interest who love the idea and can see the vision of BLACK TENT PRODUCTIONS and we are currently working on getting THE PROBLEM WITH GOD play off the ground, and other little projects such as improv theate & open mic readings that may help us get there.

Recently I met Danny at the library where the Fates cast that coin of chance across our path and opened doors with a simple conversation. He is a curious little puck of a fellow who has his own stories to tell and he tells them well since he's Irish and riddled with gypsy blood. He and I have become partners in crime who both have an aspiration for the arts, especially theatre There are others who have been in for the long run, such as Rufus and Daniel who act as my sounding boards, and there are others who are coming into the fold person by person as piece by piece falls into place.

What we are looking to do is create awareness for BLACK TENT PRODUCTIONS as we look for actors and other theatre talents who might be interested in working with a theatre company that produces plays that honestly puts to question our simple but complex sentiments of humanity and all those peculiar sense and sensibilities that come to give it our own peculiar flavor and twist to life as we live it and think it to be.

BLACK TENT PRODUCTIONS' mission is simple, it is the explore the human question in all its possible potential prospects both good and bad while BLACK TENT PRODUCTIONS create new opportunities for artists of different calibers and mediums so that they may showcase their visions of art.

If you like the idea of what we are trying to do or even anything that I have mentioned intrigues you then I would encourage you to contact me and see how you can help shape the vision of BLACK TENT PRODUCTIONS and see what it can become and what part(s) that you would like to play as we come to grow and prosper in thoughts and ideas of a vision where we hope to inspire and question along our journey. We hope to hear from you soon.


                                                                                                                                                                                            Gavion E. Chandler~

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