Black Tent Productions is a Theater Company founded by Gavion E. Chandler~



BLACK TENT PRODUCTIONS, or BTP, created and run by Gavion Chandler, is a production company that engages its audience with the spectacle of human wonder in earnest honesty. 

BTP's signature (“Where the Arts are driven with purpose and intellectual integrity... to what end?”) governs the nature of the art and thought that BTP produces. To create art that engages with social issues and challenges humanity with a sense of social consciousness, to take personal accountability for those thoughts and ideas that we would dare to question and inspire in others.

BTP engages in theatre that is conceptual; theatre that is intrigued by the proposition of a thought or an idea that is experimental or non-traditional. BTP's theatre is Abstract Art where the displays of humanity and in the art of spoken word are presented to the Audience, they who are the object and purpose of BTP's art, for their own musings.

Gavion E. Chandler is an artist and playwright who holds no affections for the politically correct.Humanity, as Gavion sees it, is a terrifying and wondrous thing, all wrapped up in its limitless possibilities. In his art, Gavion engages with humanity unapologetically.

The hope of Gavion (and BLACK TENT PRODUCTIONS) is to capture the vivid spectacle of humanity, making the audience consider its own humanity, in both its greatness and terribleness alike, because with a simple choice of words, and by the most insignificant act that might be done in 'the best of intentions' We come shape the World by those thoughts and ideas that come to manifest in everyday choices.

As a final note consider this, we as artists are armed with an idea and engage in the spectacle of the Human Wonder. We in our art would dare to question or entertain the possibility of our own Humanity, and this is where BLACK TENT PRODUCTIONS takes a stand, to hold ourselves self-accountable for the art that we create and engage others with, knowing that we can inspire and provoke both the wonder and the unthinkable, thus BTP creates art with a sense of purpose and be socially conscious as we entertain and make others consider their own human potential in all that we would do and don't do.


                                                                                       Gavion E. Chandler~

'                                                                                      Man is his own devil.'


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