It has been a while since I have posted anything here, but as I finished editing my novel, I happened to chance upon a space that looks quite promising. So once again I am rekindling the torch for BLACK TENT PRODUCTIONS and moving forward and starting a project “THE PROBLEM WITH...” play.


Depending on how you look at it, it is a play invoked or inspired by a thought of a question that addresses the Human spiritual journey, the idea or thought of 'God', no matter what manner of spiritual path or identity or identities that we put to the 'face of god'. It is quite personal and the fact that we do the same thing with the devil, or that malice spiritual force at work in the world.


So imagine if you will, God and the Devil in a room discussing their particular dilemma in honest discourse of Man and their relationship, while Man who is the object and antagonizer acts as the Period, Question Mark and Explanation Mark of their curious parlay.


This is the play that I looking to do that raises ideas of religion, man, and faith into question for the audience to consider, to make us to consider the spirituality of our own humanity.


I am hoping to sit down and discuss with the gentleman and gain access to the space, Once he is on board, I am going to be looking for actors and theatre talents who are interested in doing plays that are thought-provoking and engage our humanity unapologetically.


As a tease, I included the poster sketch for “THE PROBLEM WITH...”


If you are interested please contact me and I hope to hear from you soon.

                                                                                                              Gavion E. Chandler~

                                                                                                             'Man is his own devil.'







Being a playwright and an artist who engages in various mediums, at times I can find it to be a bit frustrating at times. With that thought of 'What do I want to work on next and what should I focus on now?' rattling around in my brain, thinking about those five or six projects brewing in the back of my skull, I often find myself jumping from one thought of one project to another to another with no rhyme or reason.

I am constantly working art in my brain as I try to work and live in a world where necessities of life makes their demands upon my person, but I am constantly fanning those embers of creativity whenever and where ever I get the chance.



Black Tent Productions' mission statement or logo catchphrase, "Where the arts are driven by purpose and artistic integrity... but to what end?' is a statement and question of that point of destination where everything has a beginning and end. But the truth IIS that nothing ever truly ends once it has begun, it is a butterfly whose wings thunders gentle storms on some wakening horizon .



In the past year BLACK TENT PRODUCTIONS has worked to put on theatre that produces 'Conceptual Theatre' that the play and the players are to put to question by a thought of human prospect. It is a world of abstract thought where the player and the audience are put to question of human possibilities that the world that might come to be. This is 'Conceptual theatre' as best as I can explain it.


BLACK TENT PRODUCTIONS is about art that questions and challenges society and doing art that that has an edge to and will press the envelop within reason and to dare to ask or consider the 'unthinkable.'




I have had the pleasure of meeting many a writer here and there, some in passing and others at gatherings at libraries, coffee houses and book stores. We writers and artists alike are a gypsy lot, letting that creative itch take us where it wills, to see what will turn up just around the corner. It is what we do. It is what and who we are.


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