It's a new tomorrow and things and people are coming together, so I thought I would take a moment to share once again the idea and mission of BLACK TENT PRODUCTIONS and where I hope to see it in the near future while I share the current project with you.



BLACK TENT PRODUCTIONS' mission is to do new works of theatre that challenge and question the social dynamics of society addressing issues in the arts as we raise into question those sensibilities of ideas and thoughts that raise internal questions of person and being of those who would be spectators of our art.


It is simply art with a mission and purpose that is governed by artistic integrity and personal artistic accountability. We as artists raise into mind and heart what it means to be human as we question our own human potential. We as artists are armed with an idea and/or a question and in offering the speculation of our art we come to shape, alter, and define human understanding of personal and collective ideas of truths and sentiments of reality. With a simple thought of an idea or a question, we create or destroy society or ravage or reinforce or recreate those personal and collective truths.


If you really think about it, it is quite terrifying and yet ecstatic thing that we can do as an artist. Without art society, governments and religion would not be. Each and everyone is indoctrinated with the arts, whether it would the written word, visual, or musical.


BLACK TENT PRODUCTIONS first milestone is “THE PROBLEM WITH...” play that engages “Man” and the Audience with the thought of God and the Devil, and Man's peculiar curiosity where the Nature and Will of God and Devil come to be reflected back in Man's Humanism.


It is a humorist play that intelligently engages in serious thoughts and questions that come to perplex God, the Devil and Man alike, but Man acts as the 'Period, Question Mark, & Exclamation Point' of God's and the Devil's paternal and maternal banter going back forth, asking questions of Jonsey as they stamp-mark their personal points of observations.


After this play I wish to do 'STRANGERS' that raise questions about hopes and fears, each fostering and creating the need for the other to be, as Ester and her strange Kinship engage Frank and the Stranger who comes and goes with moments of offering, 'HAUNTS & MINDSCAPES', that was written on the premise of the question, 'What if we didn't have human reality to mirror or to shadow on the stage and the consciousness of the stage could still exist, what would it, what could it be?'. 'THE CIGARETTE BURN' inspired by my nickname from the Inklings writer's group 'the angry playwright' where the audience is the object the 'Cigarette Man's' conversation as he discourses with them about their human objectivity and peculiar sensibilities, 'MR. KNOCK' a play about women and beauty that takes the audience down the rabbit hole in Desiree's story, 'THE LETTER OF A SOLDIER' and 'THAT LAST SHOT IN THE DARK' plays that address war, man and nation, and 'THE ONE MAN SHOW' addresses suicide and the pain of it; these are just a few of the plays that I have written that I wish to produce.


I also wish to do new works by other playwrights to give them the opportunity to share their work and visions with the world, but it must be governed by that artistic integrity and personal artistic accountability and it must be more than just pure entertainment, it has to have some level human question.


In the beginning, we will be doing my works, the first season or so, and I would also like to do traditional work such as Rice, Sam Shepard, Albee, Beckett, Pinter and Sartre, those playwrights that edged on social commentary and dared to push the envelope. These were the playwrights that shaped my idea of theatre and 'World-stage' of the player and the idea of the play where the 'Human Question' is put to trial.


This is where I hope to see BLACK TENT PRODUCTIONS, doing new works and as experimental human pieces by strange and poignant playwrights, but first we have to start out with “THE PROBLEM WITH...”


So if you are interested and this little endeavor intrigues your artistic curiosities, I look forward to hearing from you.


                                                                                               Gavion E. Chandler~


                                                                                             'Man is his own devil.'

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Ladies and gentlemen, we're off to the races!  I just discussed with the owner the of the space the conversation of the play "THE PROBLEM WITH...." and he gave me the go-ahead, Now I have to give him the game plan time and date. So now I am looking for theatre kindred folk who would like to be a part of this grand little program. But I am guessing that you would like to know what the play is about.


Imagine if you will the idea of  'Man'  'God' and the 'Devil' in a room parlaying between them their own particular points and counterpoints of Man and those points and questions that raise certain curiosities that God's and the Devil's object of introspective interests which each the Demi-entities invest and deliberate time and energies into.  Man. 


Man,  he acts as the 'Period, Question Mark, and the Explanation Point"  of their conversation as God and the Devil go back and forth like a married couple regarding Man as their long lost child.  In this tribunal debate, Those ideas of religion and thoughts of what "God" is and what "God" isn't while leaving each to wonder who is more to blame for the state of man, man or the devil, come to be raised in this intensive little engagement.


Where will the play be put on?  In Olde Towne Fredericksburg and prospectively above Pickers Alley, now I need only to get people involved. So far I have met interested parties, a gentleman who is taking theatre in college and is intrigued the idea of BLACK TENT PRODUCTIONS and its ideology and purpose of theatre. 


So what do I need?  I need costume designers, actors, and techies. I have written twenty-eight plays so far and BLACK TENT PRODUCTIONS is looking to focus on new works that have social themes that challenge and question social and political dynamics. It's all about 'the Human Question', as I like to put it. 


So if you are interested and think this is something that you would like to be apart of, please do contact me.


I hope to hear from you soon.



                                                                      Gavion E. Chandler~


                                                                      'Man is his own devil.' 




  Envisioning BLACK TENT PRODUCTIONS, what I hope and wish it to become  has been a long twisting road of events.  We have had our ups and downs, and getting it going, the interest in the project is not that problem.It's keeping it going.

This past January BTP put on a diorama display to help promote and create awareness of our artistic endeavor to create an artistic community where we can collaborate and create art that has purpose and thought of social consciousness.

The diorama display presented three plays that BTP is looking to produce in the near future. 'CIGARETTE BURN', 'STRANGERS' and 'HAUNTS & MINDSCAPES'

Each of the plays are 'Conceptual Theatre Art', plays that are based on the premise on a question of human possibilities and impossibilities.



Let us begin with 'CIGARETTE BURN'.  The most difficult task and duty of a director is to keep the actors and the art fresh.  Unlike shooting a movie script, you do one scene and you go onto the next, until the project is done and then you edit it and you get your finished product.  In theatre the play can go on a run for three weeks or even four, and the actors and their character tell the same story to the audience over and over again. But end of the run the actors hold a contempt for their character and even the script because it doesn't change.   Now just imagine if it's a Broadway Show like 'CATS' or 'PHANTOM OF THE OPERA' where it is an ongoing show.  It's great that you got the part, now you have find new depths in the character, and it can get real old real quick.  


In the world of the 'World-stage and the realities of the players'  human questions are being asked and placed upon them or even demanded, but the end is always the same. The character and all his or her flaws rehashed over and over again.   This for all intent and purpose would be a personal hell for anybody.   Now imagine the players could voice their angst and frustrations at the audience, who are the object of their scorn, knowing that they are damned to ever endure their human trials. This is 'CIGARETTE BURN' where Man who has no name raises to an unapologetic point that they, (the audience) are the emotional and physical cigarette burns that he and his fellow players are to ever endure, and yet they (the audience) never really learn.  


Then we have 'STRANGERS' where hopes and fears are put to question as sisterhood of Sorrow, Pain, Time and Death come to be embraced in their own understanding as Frank, Ester's patron and keeper tends to her in his own needs, and Stranger, Herald who brings are a simple seed of hope that does not come without a price and it is personal indeed.


Lastly we have 'HAUNTS & MINDSCAPES'  that revolves around stations of a table and two chairs and some odds of ends of elements that puts to question perceptions of reality and how our understanding of it defines us and it within those limitations and expectations that we come to place upon it.  

Originally we were looking to 'HAUNTS & MINDSCAPES' but time is running short, so we are looking to do 'THE PROBLEM WITH GOD' on March 20th 2016. So we are looking for two male actors and one female to play the devil. Yes I made the devil a woman, because what's the first thing a guy blames when something goes aray, a woman or as old Jimmy Buffette sings it in 'Margaritaville' There's always a woman to blame'

So if the project intrigues you and you wish to be part of it, please contact us at BLACKTENTPRODUCTIONS.ORG

                                                                                 Gavion E. Chandler~ 

                                                                               'Man is his devil.'










 Well the clock is ticking down and I have engaged a few persons' curiosity and they seem quite engaged with the idea of the project. So pressing onward as We approach March 20th, the Production of 'THE PROBLEM WITH GOD' time permitting we will hopefully offer a play presentation, if we can the get the actors together ready and up to speed. If time does not permit then we will do a live reading of the play of 'THE PROBLEM WITH GOD' & 'HAUNTS AND MINDSCAPES'.

So what are we looking for. Two Male and Two Female actors for the reading. Two males and one female will work for 'HAUNTS & MINDSCAPES', but I would like a female for the Dark Brethren. But I am also looking for a Male and Two Females dancers to act out the scenes for 'HAUNTS & MINDSCAPES' because it is a performance piece and to read the stage description, well it's a pain.  The physical manifestation of it relates the idea allot better.  

It is important that BTP gets this first project off the ground, because I have been trying to make something happen for the past two years now, and no matter what whether it's just a reading of the plays or an play presentation, I want March 20th to be the dog ear marking the beginning of a new year for BLACK TENT PRODUCTIONS.

So if you are interested please go to Blacktentproductions.org.

I hope to hear from you soon.

                                                          Gavion E. Chandler~

                                                                      'Man is his own devil.

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