Well the clock is ticking down and I have engaged a few persons' curiosity and they seem quite engaged with the idea of the project. So pressing onward as We approach March 20th, the Production of 'THE PROBLEM WITH GOD' time permitting we will hopefully offer a play presentation, if we can the get the actors together ready and up to speed. If time does not permit then we will do a live reading of the play of 'THE PROBLEM WITH GOD' & 'HAUNTS AND MINDSCAPES'.

So what are we looking for. Two Male and Two Female actors for the reading. Two males and one female will work for 'HAUNTS & MINDSCAPES', but I would like a female for the Dark Brethren. But I am also looking for a Male and Two Females dancers to act out the scenes for 'HAUNTS & MINDSCAPES' because it is a performance piece and to read the stage description, well it's a pain.  The physical manifestation of it relates the idea allot better.  

It is important that BTP gets this first project off the ground, because I have been trying to make something happen for the past two years now, and no matter what whether it's just a reading of the plays or an play presentation, I want March 20th to be the dog ear marking the beginning of a new year for BLACK TENT PRODUCTIONS.

So if you are interested please go to Blacktentproductions.org.

I hope to hear from you soon.

                                                          Gavion E. Chandler~

                                                                      'Man is his own devil.

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