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Ladies and gentlemen, we're off to the races!  I just discussed with the owner the of the space the conversation of the play "THE PROBLEM WITH...." and he gave me the go-ahead, Now I have to give him the game plan time and date. So now I am looking for theatre kindred folk who would like to be a part of this grand little program. But I am guessing that you would like to know what the play is about.


Imagine if you will the idea of  'Man'  'God' and the 'Devil' in a room parlaying between them their own particular points and counterpoints of Man and those points and questions that raise certain curiosities that God's and the Devil's object of introspective interests which each the Demi-entities invest and deliberate time and energies into.  Man. 


Man,  he acts as the 'Period, Question Mark, and the Explanation Point"  of their conversation as God and the Devil go back and forth like a married couple regarding Man as their long lost child.  In this tribunal debate, Those ideas of religion and thoughts of what "God" is and what "God" isn't while leaving each to wonder who is more to blame for the state of man, man or the devil, come to be raised in this intensive little engagement.


Where will the play be put on?  In Olde Towne Fredericksburg and prospectively above Pickers Alley, now I need only to get people involved. So far I have met interested parties, a gentleman who is taking theatre in college and is intrigued the idea of BLACK TENT PRODUCTIONS and its ideology and purpose of theatre. 


So what do I need?  I need costume designers, actors, and techies. I have written twenty-eight plays so far and BLACK TENT PRODUCTIONS is looking to focus on new works that have social themes that challenge and question social and political dynamics. It's all about 'the Human Question', as I like to put it. 


So if you are interested and think this is something that you would like to be apart of, please do contact me.


I hope to hear from you soon.



                                                                      Gavion E. Chandler~


                                                                      'Man is his own devil.' 



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