Black Tent Productions' mission statement or logo catchphrase, "Where the arts are driven by purpose and artistic integrity... but to what end?' is a statement and question of that point of destination where everything has a beginning and end. But the truth IIS that nothing ever truly ends once it has begun, it is a butterfly whose wings thunders gentle storms on some wakening horizon .

Where the arts are driven with purpose and intellectual integrity... but to what end?" is BLACK TENT PRODUCTIONS' soul-conscious ideology and founding principle that is to be the main question of any art that we hope to create and any artist that we hope in to engage in his or her artistry.

We as artists are armed with a thought of a question or an idea that we can create or destroy society with a whisper of a thought. We in our understanding of the world and man come to shape ideas of what is beautiful and what is not, what is just and what is not just, and what is right and what is wrong. In our art reflect what society was, is and may or may not be. All this in a whisper.

The thought of this makes me ponder in pure wonder and absolute terror of what the arts means to humanity. It defines the understanding of our own existence and beyond, where truth and wisdom is to be found or muddled away in nonsensical amusement.

I do not believe that we as artists should not be bound by society as to what we should or should not create or dare to question or challenge in our art, but on the other hand we should not loose that mental Frankenstein into the world and to not hold ourselves accountable for those thoughts born of hope and fear in the minds and hearts of others.

Just something for us as artists to muse over and consider the truth and purpose of art, no matter what medium or discipline it may come to be offered. Knowing this, we should earnestly mind those thundering butterfly wings that waken storms beyond the horizon that we dream into the world making the improbable a new reality with our art.

Gavion E. Chandler~

'Man is his own devil.'

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