In the past year BLACK TENT PRODUCTIONS has worked to put on theatre that produces 'Conceptual Theatre' that the play and the players are to put to question by a thought of human prospect. It is a world of abstract thought where the player and the audience are put to question of human possibilities that the world that might come to be. This is 'Conceptual theatre' as best as I can explain it.


BLACK TENT PRODUCTIONS is about art that questions and challenges society and doing art that that has an edge to and will press the envelop within reason and to dare to ask or consider the 'unthinkable.'

Our past projects always started out like a steam engine full of good ideas and prospects. It always started on the track and started with roar, but as we started to laid and the rails down, somewhere down the line it had come derailed. Everyone liked the idea of the project or the thought of it, then either it lost steam or life just happened.


To give you an idea I wrote HAUNTS & MINDSCAPES on a simple inquiry that I asked of a fellow theatre student, 'What if we didn't have human reality to mirror or shadow on the stage and the consciousness of the stage still existed, what would it, could it be?” This play I have been trying to off the ground for the longest time, but then life just happens.


I wrote THE PROBLEM WITH GOD a play about what Man in religion makes God and the Devil out to be because I talked to various persons of different faiths and religion. They tried to explain to me the answer to 'God' without trying to tell me that 'they had the right answer, or the path to true enlightenment' without claiming to say everyone else was wrong. So THE PROBLEM OF GOD play was born, but the play putting 'religion and the idea of God' unsettles the nerves of the actors and the people who have read it, because in the end I put all that 'God' and the devil is in lap of 'Man'... we who do things in the name of 'God' and blame the devil for all the evil in the world, when we are the ones who make this world what it is


I have other plays STRANGERS, THAT BLANK PAGE, INNOCENCE'S RAGE, and LETTER OF A SOLDIER to just name few that I have written, but they address the 'human affair and the human condition' with no sense of apology for they are honest questions to be asked.


This is my particular approach to theatre, and often I have been compared to Beckett, Pinter and Sartre, even though I have read very little plays. I just watch people. In dealing with people I am somehow a cross between a crow and a cat. Like a crow or a raven people they engage my curiosity and like a cat who has its estranged affection of love, I toy with them like a mouse when I get bored of them or they just piss me off. But our humanity is the tapestry of my art. I want to know what makes us tick, and how we think and why the way we act. The Human affair intrigues me and abhors me, because I embrace and understand the human reality to be what it is. We are creatures of great wonder where we can accomplish great things and yet be less than human in our actions and the most brutal and devious of beasts. We are relentless in our intellectual pursuits with no thought moral compass or personal accountability, and in this we are own greatest monster and in truth, most often I think animals to be more compassionate than we chose to be.


The 'Human possibility' is kaos factor that can send the world off its axis into perils of delight.


So what is the point of all this montage of rantings and thoughts riddled with questions? I have tried in the past to get projects off the ground, and they start out well enough. People are interested and like the idea and then it fizzles out or they get to the end of the script like THE PROBLEM WITH GOD play, and don't like the ending, because in my plays there is no sense of resolution, no definitive end. It's a question, 'What now?' that I pose to the audience, because they are object of my questioning. It is their humanity and our society that I put on trial as to what and who we become.


So before BLACK TENT PRODUCTIONS starts off on another venture what I wish to do is get a gathering of minds and talents together to discuss and do live readings of plays and then in time work towards to putting on productions of plays that challenge and question society and our human potential.


We are artists and our responsibility as an artist is not just to entertain and bemuse the populace, it is to challenge and question what and who we as people and society are and where we are heading to.


“Art is to the artist what faith is to the priest. Art is something that live and breathe into the world It's not what we do or say, but it is how we live and dream. We as artists in our art define what we as a people and society are, might or might not become and remembers where we came from.”


So we as artists and in our art we reflect our human potential to do great and terrible things. We reflect human moral and spiritual nature as to what we are capable of that can become the good and evil of the world. Knowing this, we as artists should not take lightly the gifts that we offer the world and those thoughts of things that we come to whisper in heart and soul.


If you as an artist can relate to this stream of thinking I would invite you to come and join me in BLACK TENT PRODUCTIONS to see how we may come to inspire and change society for the better as we give new talents voices and means to express and share their art.



Gavion E. Chandler~

'Man is his own devil.'


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