STRANGERS is a play that I wrote a while back and it is one of my first works. It was inspired by a curious thought or rather a question of a thought of how thoughts of things of hopes and fears that come to manifest in our human imagination are cast and mirrored in introspection of the possibilities and impossibilities of us the knowing or believing the other to be.

It is almost as if we stand on threshold of a hollow doorway standing between nowhere and anywhere looking into the possible dimensions of human possibilities where yesterdays stand in the shadow of us while we ever stand in the present moving towards a tomorrow that we long and yet dread to be. On either side of the door we peek over our shoulder wondering about all the 'What ifs' and 'if only' as some hope or a fear of something drives us on or chases us down some dark alley in some back thought of our brain where monsters of our own creation lurk and wait to tell us “I told you so.”.

Originally I was trying to do THE PROBLEM WITH... play that deals with the idea of God and what do in the name of God and how we can justify acts that are less than human in name of 'godly justice' that are more of Man and his desire to define who and what God is and what God isn't. It isn't question of one's faith, but rather why does one believe and what do you do in the name of your faith, or is it more religious than a thing of faith.

The play challenges the idea of faith, whatever form it takes on. What do believe and why do you believe it? What do we make God into and what do we put on the Devil's plate when it in truth it is those choices or there lack of that creates this world that we live in?

It is a thought provoking play, even if I do say so myself, but however the challenges of the question of the play is unsettling, especially because of the ending which I won't give away because then that would ruin it for you, but when I do produce it I would encourage you to come and find out for yourself. But with just the little that I have said here, most have a hard time trying to get past their own definition of faith and religion to see where the play and the players can lead the audience to be by the end of the play. It is a challenging question to offer the audience and it is not an easy thing to do because even the player must come to deal with the thoughts of questions that the play comes to offer as food for thought.

So instead I decided to do STRANGERS that is told through Ester and her estranged kin, Rose, Rachel, Bridget and Diana as Frank and the Nurse tends to them as Judas and Job keep their vigilant watch over them. Then a Stranger enters who offers a single seed to Ester that opens new understandings to her and put her sister kin in a very much different light.

What I am hoping to do is to do a live reading of the play to kick things off and get some feedback from a live audience, which will also allow me to crowdfund it and down the line produce it. What I need is six women and five males who live in the Fredericksburg Virginia area or nearby areas to do one live read. I would like to meet up before the live read and do some practice runs and also so I can promote it so that we have an audience to read to.

If you are interested please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Gavion E. Chandler~

'Man is his own devil.'

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