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It's a new year and new beginning and I am looking to kick off the new year with STRANGERS,  a play that engages the prospects of hope and fear and  those little things that they whisper to us in the back of our brain.


I am working on doing a live read of 'STRANGERS', a play where Ester in a paradoxical music box like world contends with her estranged Sister kinship and Frank (her Stranger-friend) who tends to their queer wants and needs and those hopes and fears of each of the sister kin that are particularly and peculiarly each their own as brutish Job and Judas tend watch of them. Ester watches on if she is in limbo, that is until 'The Stranger' enters and offers to her to look upon the kinship in different light, then those walls that seemed so familiar come to unravel and offers in possibilities in her own sense of self-reflection.


I am looking for six female and male readers to do a live read with the hope of that this will lead to a full production of the play and will allow the top 20% of the proceeds go to RACSB and allow BLACK TENT PRODUCTION gain a non-profit status so that we may continue to create plays that creates social awareness and help those who are need of social and mental assistance.


The purpose of BTP is generate social awareness of society and those problematic symptoms that are personal and social and to help those persons of interests, such victims of violence or those who are dealing with addictions and mental illnesses. Whatever 'the Question of the play' addresses goes towards helping those who are dealing with those social conditions.


Since RACSB is a local and they have throughout the years served the public and at heart is a good organization with a wonderful and uncompromising mission, that is where most of our efforts will be bent towards, but this doesn't exclude others like 'The Wounded Warrior' program and other programs like it that 'LETTER OF A SOLDIER' and 'THAT LAST SHOT IN THE DARK' would go to because it deals directly with War Veterans.


If you are interested please contact me.

Thank you


Gavion E. Chandler~



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