After the  Diorama Display at SALEM RUN LIBRARY, BLACK TENT PRODUCTIONS is gearing up to do HAUNTS & MINDSCAPES in March and hopefully do THE PROBLEM WITH GOD play in either a live presentation or live reading of the script. I am hoping to do both. 


March is quickly marching upon us and BLACK TENT PRODUCTIONS is looking for local theatre talent who would wish to participate, whether it would be acting,  or techie or those that wish to get involved with Us as we strive to present New Works by fresh talent.  

The Goal of BLACK TENT PRODUCTIONS is to present theatre that seeks to challenge and engage our Human Curiosities that make us so human while offering other playwrights and theatre talent to explore and share their own vision.

So more or less this is call for artists who would wish to be a part of BLACK TENT PRODUCTIONS, to see where it all goes as We take on new challenges and new adventures.      

So come along for the roller coaster ride and We hope to hear from you soon.


Gavion E. Chandler~


'Man is his own devil.'



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