After the  Diorama Display at SALEM RUN LIBRARY, BLACK TENT PRODUCTIONS is gearing up to do HAUNTS & MINDSCAPES in March and hopefully do THE PROBLEM WITH GOD play in either a live presentation or live reading of the script. I am hoping to do both. 


To envision where you want and hope to be in the arts is truly a tricky thing. You see in your mind's eye this great scheme of various artistic endeavors, inspiring others and living the dream; but it's never really quite that easy. At first you start out idealist and optimistic as all hell and hell bent on just making it happen—no matter what! That's where you start, visions of grandeur, you and your art in all your glory, wanting to change the world and to dance among the stars, then reality sets in and that is; it's a damn hard path and it ain't for the faint of heart.


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